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ANTIQUE PARQUETS allows for using double-layer products with the thickness of 13,15,16, and 19 mm on water underfloor heating and underfloor cooling provided the below instructions are followed.

ANTIQUE PARQUETS does not allow for the assembly of floors on electric underfloor heating. Solid wood products must not be assembled either on underfloor heating or cooling.

General information

  • Underfloor heating is a „slow” system. The room slowly gains proper temperature but also releases heat slower.

  • The heating pattern is very important – the more stable, the better.

  • Wood dries up and contracts under the impact of excessive heat. Abrupt and large changes in temperature may damage the floor.

  • Carpets and rugs may lead to heat pile-up, which leads to the contraction and cracking of the wood.

Installation methods

  • Double-layer products can be glued to the floor directly on cement screed. Make sure that the cement screed is even.

  • Cement screed – at least B20 cement. Maximum difference in height is 2 mm per 2 metres.

  • It is advisable to apply vapour-resistant barriers of the same brand as glues.

Floor thermal treatment before floor assembly

  • Floor thermal treatment should be performed in accordance with „Floor heating protocol”, appended to these instructions.

  • Floor thermal treatment takes 30 days.

  • At this time ensure adequate ventilation in order to eliminate humidity.

  • After completion verify the humidity of the cement screed.

  • Maximum humidity of the cement screed is 1.8%

  • Maximum humidity of anhydrite screed is 0.3%.

Heating upon floor assembly

  • In the course of assembly the temperature of cement screed must be 15°C to 18°C.

  • Keep this temperature for at least 5 days upon assembly.

  • Upon 5 days the temperature may be slightly raised (by 1°C or 2°C per day) until maximum desired temperature is reached.

  • Maximum contact temperature of cement screed is 28°C.

  • Contact temperature is the temperature on the surface of the cement screed measured 3 days after setting the temperature.

Heating during the heating season

  • At the beginning of the heating season gradually raise the temperature.  Maximally by 1 or 2°C per day.

  • Maximum operating temperature measured at the subfloor must not exceed 28°C.


  • Regardless of the applied heating system keep relative humidity in the room at a level of 45% -60% all year round.


  • At the end of the heating season gradually lower the temperature. Maximally by 1 or 2°C per day.


  • In order to keep the condition of the floor at a stable level, avoid differences in temperatures during day and night.

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