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Family company with traditions

A multi-generation tradition, top quality, passion for creating beautiful and timeless objects – these features distinguish Antique Parquets among its competitors. The company is based in Hajnówka, a small town at the border of Białowieża Primeval Forest – one of the 5 forest areas entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A part of the forest on the Polish side of the border with Belarus has the highest protection status.

Antique Parquets: Parkiety i podłogi drewniane Hajnówka
Antique Parquets: Parkiety i podłogi drewniane Hajnówka
Antique Parquets: Parkiety i podłogi drewniane Hajnówka
Antique Parquets: Parkiety i podłogi drewniane Hajnówka

A Strict Protection Zone of Białowieża Primeval Forest is the only Polish natural area on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. Natural ecological processes and a vast volume of dead wood constitute factors of its unique value. The stand of trees within this area is 600-700 years old, which makes the forest exceptional and significant on the global scale.

With regard to this unique location, wood has almost always accompanied the activity of our family as a natural and indispensable element of the environment. Great-grandfather was a forester and grandfather used to work in a sawmill. The activity of Antique Parquets is based on a long-standing experience and inspiring ideals that were successively passed from generation to generation.

Reference objects

Waddesdon Manor – Aylesbury, Holand Park

Joyce – Jardin du Palais Royal – Paris, La Party des, Anges

Chateau de Versailles

Hampshire House
Central Park South
New York

Pałac Prezydenta

Why are we unique

From basics to perfection

We are a proof that the best things are born out of passion. Antique Parquets is a robust, family brand, for years strengthening its position on the market. The company’s employees carry on mastering their skills in terms of history and technology of floor manufacturing, floor assembly and finishing, e.g. at craftsmanship workshops in France. Hence, parquets available at ANTIQUE PARQUETS are characterised not only by a high aesthetic value and their compliance with original patterns, but also great parameters and resistance to wear and tear.

Antiquing / Restoration

The company ANTIQUE PARQUETS has operated since 1981. Thanks to the expertise on old production methods, we offer antiquing services, which involve restoring old floors in a new form. Our offer primarily includes antique parquets from the 16th to 19th centuries. They exemplify the artistry and style of French, English and German craftsmen of the former 300-year-long period.

We have successfully shifted an old-day technique of parquet production to the present-day times. In this manner our floors stand out in terms of their visual and technical aspects.

ANTIQUE PARQUETS specialises in floor antiquing. But what does it mean? Here, the term to antique means stylise wooden floors by giving them features characteristic of masterpieces from former eras. We apply all necessary materials and modes so that our floors preserve the character of the epoch they date back to.

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Ecology and caring about the natural environment has broken out firmly into our lives.

So has the fact that ANTIQUE PARQUETS has been situated on the very edge of the Białowieża Forest. Thanks to acting according to the rules of ecology we have the possibility to derive from the beauty of the forests not only in Podlasie region but in the entire Poland.

Through processing wood for many years, we learnt to love and respect the gifts of our nature to our planet. We realise that the uncontrolled forest exploitation can be a serious threat to the natural environment. We ensure that our impact of the individual on the planet was the least possible, thus all our raw materials come from the scheduled forest cuts or wood plantations. We buy materials only from the certified forests, including those covered by FSC® *.


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